Mælagata 58

Mælagata 58

Mælagata 58 AS

Mælagata 58, 3703 Skien

Welcome to Mælagata 58! Despite the fact that the property is slightly outside the hub, the location is nevertheless central in relation to bus and train connections, and in almost perfect surroundings for its purpose.

The property consists of 1 building with a total of 7,000 sqm, which is mainly rented out as a mobile home hotel. Mælagata 58 received significant upgrades in 2021, and appears as a neat and functional building. The facade consists of masonry and sandwich elements, and the area is secured with fencing.


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    Office, warehouse and mobile home hotel


The property still has some vacant capacity for office space, but is primarily rented out to mobile home hotels. Get in touch if you are interested!

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