Adolfsen Group går inn på eiersiden i Pancom AS!
By Pancom / December 22, 2021

Adolfsen Group enters the ownership side of Pancom AS!

Adolfsen Group takes ownership of Pancom AS through a private placement of approx. 75 million. Furthermore, the Adolfsen Group buys up to just over 25% in the regional construction and property group based in the Greenland region.

Pancom kjøper ny næringseiendom i Sandefjord
By Pancom / November 23, 2021

Pancom buys new commercial property in Sandefjord

Pancom Property AS is making further investment in commercial property in Sandefjord, now by acquiring 100% of the shares in Vit Eiendom AS, an office building with unique profiling opportunities.

Roger Dreyer ansatt som administrerende direktør i Amundsen Graf AS!
By Pancom / August 17, 2021

Roger Dreyer hired as CEO of Amundsen Graf AS!

The new contractor company, which will be majority-owned by Pancom AS, will be one of the leading contractor companies in Telemark/Vestfold, with operations all over South-East Norway.

2020 – et sterkt år for Pancom AS!
By Pancom / May 5, 2021

2020 – a strong year for Pancom AS!

Despite challenges related to the pandemic, which have affected several of the industries Pancom AS is exposed to, 2020 has been a very strong year for Pancom AS.

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